Six on Saturday – 30/3/19

Here’s another Six on Saturday to get your teeth stuck into. There’s a slight theme this time around, that theme being red. As I said, it’s a slight theme rather than a rigidly adhered to sort of thing.

  1. The photo with the most tenuous link to the theme: our tortoise, Griffin:

The best excuse I can make is that he is seeing red: he’s in the process of head-butting my foot. This happens with alarming regularity.

2. Before we get back to plant related things, here’s a spot of wildlife for you:

Small tortoiseshell?

I’m justifying this because orange is close-ish to red.

3. From now on the red theme is a little more relevant:

These are the male catkins of a poplar tree (Populous nigra). The winds of a couple of weeks ago had broken some branches off a tree, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed these at all. Usually they’d be at least 20 feet off the ground and out of view.

4. Here’s another couple photos of something I hadn’t noticed before:

I think these are the leaves of a Lawson Cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) but am happy to be corrected on that. Anyway, these are the male flowers; they start off red and then lose their colour as they open up and release pollen.

5. The buds of Acer palmatum beginning to open:

6. This one’s my favourite, for reasons I can’t quite explain:

The dying moments of a Tulip flower

That’s all for now. Pop over to The Propagator to see more Six on Saturday posts. See you soon!

8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday – 30/3/19”

  1. An interesting theme with some red spots that aren’t always noticed in the garden. I think the flowers on the cypress are fascinating especially when magnified.


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