An Introduction

Botany in Birmingham

A conversation:

Other: What are you writing?
Me: My first blog post.
O: A blog? Ooooh. What about?
Me: Spaghetti Junction. And plants.
O: Oh… Are there any plants?
Me: Oh yes. I think so.
O: Does that mean you’ll actually have to go there?
Me: Yes.
O: But you might get hacked!
Me: My blog?
O: No, you. By someone with a knife.
Me: I see.

An Explanation:

Spaghetti Junction is quite well-known for a few things. For its complexity; for its apparent scariness; for being a mass of concrete pillars and slip roads; but so far not for its flora. With this blog, I hope to explore the junction and surrounding area for any plants which may have decided to make their home there.

Why? Well whilst I don’t commute daily through the Gravelly Hill Interchange, I do use it often enough to be familiar with it…

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Six on Saturday – 7/3/20

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Weedy Weekday II

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Six on Saturday – 25/1/20

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Dicentras and Corydalis; catching up with old friends

This blog is, in theory, mainly about the Dicentras and Corydalis I grow, but of late it seems to be mostly Six on Saturday and Tree Following posts. Not that that's a problem per se, I just think it's about time I did a little update on what's going on with the aforementioned plants, and… Continue reading Dicentras and Corydalis; catching up with old friends

Tree Following January 2020

Good evening and welcome to another tree following post: This is actually the final post for Oliver the Oak, and I'm afraid it's an abrupt annulment, amplified by my absence last month. Next month will bring a change of tree, having done a year's worth of posting about Oliver. I think most other tree followers… Continue reading Tree Following January 2020

Tree Following November 2019

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Six on Saturday – 26/10/19

The rather damp autumn we’ve been having seems to have been beneficial for our mycologically inclined cousins. With this in mind, I have embarked on a micro-safari of our lawn for this Six on Saturday; as is so often the case, one of my apprentices joined me on my adventure, which will explain any tiny… Continue reading Six on Saturday – 26/10/19